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DENKAIP heat-resistant modifier
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DENKAIP heat-resistant modifier
<p>At present, the wall surface grinding tools I used to talk about why the wall surface putty needs polishing, where I directly explain the wall grinding need what tools, as the ancient traditional techniques have not changed for a long time, here I focus on two kinds of tools Why do we need polished wall putty, where I directly explain the wall grinding what tools need to be, as the how many joists for16 16 deck ancient traditional techniques have not changed for a long time, the traditional method of wall grinding lasted for thousands of years, after 2007, Chongqing Garment Environmental Science and Technology Limited production of wall grinding machine is now promoting the use of (here not to explain).</p><p> Bulb wattage is generally more than 200 watts, so that even during the day can be nicely observed the smooth formation of the wall. In order to observe the smoothness of the wall and even 200-watt bulbs need close observation, not to mention the long rod still some distance and part of the long rod brush seal cover part of the dust will be missed out to affect visibility, then there is the LED The light is limited in scope and can not be used for observation at all. Much like the idea of ​​a pole design is that workers can stand on the ground to polish the ceiling, and ultimately the pole can not be used to polish the ceiling (wall top) and require additional shelving to polish the ceiling, and the operation is more tired.sandpaper. Abrasive putty sandpaper plastic condo balcony floor do it yourself selection is more concerned about the problem, I talk about the system here. Sandpaper too thick, easily lead to scratches, sandpaper too fine, it is difficult to polish smooth, so the choice of wall paper sandpaper, not the more the better, nor the finer the better, but with wall putty matching is appropriate .</p><p> In practice, we must first be able to smooth the well for the preferred target, the wall polished with 240,320 first trial, if grinding is not very difficult, you can do a good job of leveling, then continue; If you feel grinding is very difficult, then change to a low mesh number of coarse sandpaper and then try to fight. In ensuring the flatness of the wall under the premise, if the first pass using coarse sandpaper, the general or local need to use pro and con of cable deck railings fine sandpaper and then re-polished again to eliminate the scratches left by the coarse sandpaper and make the wall more detailed.</p><p> According to the quality of putty. Non-water-resistant putty is relatively easy to polish due to its loose surface structure. Generally, sandpaper with 240,320 or higher is used. However, because most non-water-resistant putty are of poor quality and the number of powder itself is generally low, Even with high-purpose sandpaper grinding, it is difficult to play a very detailed feeling. Water-resistant putty surface structure is relatively solid, polished than non-water-resistant putty laborious, especially some high-strength water-resistant putty, putty until completely dry and then polished, it is very difficult, this time you need to use sandwich panels manufacturers uk the coarse sandpaper to smooth Good degree, and then use fine sandpaper to play the second time, in order to better results.</p>
29.12.2017 13:55
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