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He is not tall, his slightly fat face has a
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He is not tall, his slightly fat face has a
He is not tall, his slightly fat face has a pair of kind eyes that are often picked up, and a short white hair is more loyal to his loyalty Newport Cigarettes Price. He has a strong right leg, but the left leg is cut off from under the knee and supported by a polished round stick. When and why this leg is cut off, we don't know. I only remember once, when he talked about the legend of Nv's make up the heavens, he smiled and said to us: "Nv's hand squeezed the mud and squeezed it Marlboro Cigarettes Online, and then used the branches to pick up the mud and squat on the ground Newport Cigarettes. The mud that hit the ground also became a human. Only some people, because the female scorpion was too powerful, lost her legs and arms. I was then smashed by a leg." There was a laughter, but after the laughter, each student��s heart had a sore feeling, and at the same time increased the respect for Teacher Liu.only relied on his strong right leg and a wooden stick, and stood up for several hours a day to give us lectures. When he was about to write a blackboard, he used wooden sticks to support the ground, his right leg was off the ground, and his body swiftly turned, and he turned to the blackboard Carton Of Cigarettes. After writing the thick chalk, turn to the podium with the crutches as the center. A teacher who is over half a year does not know how many times to jump like this. And every time he turned, he caused the students to have an excited heartbeat.s class is very good. The history of the motherland makes him proud. When it comes to the national heroes of all ages, his generosity has often made us cry. When it comes to the humiliating years in the modern history of the motherland, he often whimpers and makes us bow down heavily. Later, I was admitted to the Department of History of the University and had a great relationship with the influence of Teacher Liu.sn't like written tests, but he likes classroom questions and asks students to talk about their own experiences Newport Cigarettes Coupons. I remember very clearly. If a classmate answered correctly and profoundly, he would stand quietly in the corner of the classroom, slightly tilting his head, narrowing his eyes, listening carefully, as if to taste a wonderful piece of music. Then, as if waking up from intoxication, Chang Shu breathed out, satisfactorily wrote the score on the score book, and said kindly and loudly: "Good! Five points!" If some students answered badly, he was surprised. The big eyes widened and looked at the classmates with concern. He whispered, "Don't be nervous, think about it, think about it, think about it again." No one nodded, as if every nod can give students an inspiration. At this time, he was even more nervous than the students who were being tested. This scene has been going on for nearly three decades. However, today I think it is still so clear and so kind.
13.07.2018 09:24
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