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Mail z odp.
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Mail z odp.
Moje pytanie:
Cytat:Hi, I am writing to you because I have a question. Is it possible to determine roughly when they will be able to buy prizes all the time and everything will be more expensive. Unfortunately, I am also disappointed that that was exactly restock yesterday just before the new year. I hope that next time will be available Skullcandy headphones are lacking at this restock.

Yours, Jackob from Poland.

I odp. z Lockerz:
Cytat:Hey everyone. B-Coz here. First... Happy New Year to everyone! I've prepared
this bulk response to answer the most common questions we're getting about
December's redemption. Please know that I'm reading every email and taking note
of every issue, every thank you, and every complaint. Our crew worked around
the clock to get PTZPLACE.LOCKERZ.COM ready for everyone before the end of the
month. So far most of the feedback has been positive but we're also well aware
of the fact that many of you unfortunately still had trouble redeeming.

If you kept getting kicked back to the main page, the prize that you tried to
redeem was already Fresh Out and out of stock - even though it appeared to be
redeemable when you clicked it. We're sorry about this glitch. We've added
thousands of new prizes and because the redemptions are so popular, many of
these items become unavailable due to huge demand.

If you redeemed successfully, and you're worried because your PTZ weren't
deducted (or were deducted and suddenly came back) and you haven't received
your receipt yet, everything should be fine. Receipts are being sent - they are
just backlogged in our system. And PTZ will be adjusted once we get to
processing your order.

We're also aware that some of you had login issues. We will be looking into the
error messages that some of you received when logging in. To our international
members that were upset about the time that we restocked PTZ Place, please know
that we did everything we possibly could to restock earlier but we were pressed
for time with the end of the month approaching and had to deliver on the
promised December restock.

There were no "waves" in this redemption but you will have another chance to
redeem in January. And, if you were unable to successfully redeem, we can't
send you the prize you want and simply deduct your PTZ. Sorry. All prizes must
be redeemed through the website!

All of your legitimately earned PTZ will remain in your account for 12 months
from the date they were earned. We've been restocking PTZ Place on a monthly
basis while the site is in beta. Eventually, once we launch the full site in
early 2010, there won't be any restocks. We'll have a constant inventory or
prizes. Not to mention an online store too. The PTZ value of prizes will be
increase but there will be MANY more ways to earn PTZ at Lockerz when the full
site is launched so it will be much easier to rack up PTZ.

But, until then, there will be this monthly PTZ Place replenishment and we'll
be constantly fine tuning things to make the redemption experience better for
you. And please know that the prizes at PTZ Place will always rotate so the
same items won't return month after month. Prizes will most likely be a mix of
old favorites and new surprises.

Lockerz is still in beta right now and is still a work in progress. We're just
a bunch of people trying to build a really awesome website that is far from
perfect at the moment but will absolutely rock once we're done! All of you are
basically helping us test this out, and make it better, so we can officially
launch the full version of Lockerz in 2010. We appreciate this and ask that you
just stick with us if you were unable to redeem this time. You're going to love
the improvements we make to Lockerz in the months to come. We're sure, in the
future, you'll receive a prize you love, and we look forward to presenting you
with more ways to earn and spend PTZ at Lockerz!
Mógłby mi ktoś to przetłumaczyć na język polski? Daję Iptz.
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03.01.2010 12:19
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Szeryf Offline
Ja tu tylko sprzątam...

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RE: Mail z odp.
Już przetłumaczyłem autorowi na SB, więc można zamknąć Big Grin
03.01.2010 18:59
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