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Support #335448
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Support #335448
Otrzymałem wiadomość od: Serious Guy via RT <support@lockerz.com>

Hey there,

We're sorry that it has taken us some time to reply to your email, however the
Christmas holiday has made it difficult to respond to every email as quickly as
we would like to. Below are answers to the issue/s which you may have
experienced or questions you may have asked. If your question or issue isn't
addressed, please feel free to reply to this email and we'll look into it and
get back to you as soon as possible. If your issue/question is listed below and
this email does not help, please send a NEW email to support@lockerz.com with
the relevant subject listed.

If you are experiencing issues with your PTz or friends count there are three
possible causes.

* We are currently experiencing a display issue with both PTz, friends counts
and Z-List status. Remember, your PTZ and invited friends are safe in our
database, and we expect to have a fix for this display bug very soon. We're
working to resolve this and your account should be corrected over the next
48 hours.

* You confessed during Amnesty about earning illegitimate PTz. The
illegitimate PTz and friends have been removed from your account. If you
were a Z-List and your friends count fell below 20 due to Amnesty, your
Z-List status has been revoked until you invite enough friends to achieve
Z-List again.

* We discovered that you cheated and did no confess at amnesty and therefore
your PTz have been zeroed.

Some new accounts have experienced display and PTZ issues. Most notably their
myLockerz page doesn't display properly, the information they enter into their
Settings doesn't save, and their PTZ never accumulate and stay at zero. We're
happy to report that most of these accounts have been fixed or in the process
of being fixed at the moment.

When you logging for the first time when your account is fixed you will see
that you're starting with 2 PTZ. Don't freak out. The rest of your PTZ (except
your game PTz) will show up in your balance very soon!

If your account is not fixed, and you see your name next to the word �Hello,�
but you still are showing zero PTZ, try logging out and logging back then, then
answering the Dailies question. If you have already answered the question
today, please try tomorrow and you should see PTZ begin to accumulate. If you
don�t see PTZ accumulate after answering the Dailies question, please send a
NEW email to support@lockerz.com with the words �0PTz Broken Account� in the
subject. Don't worry though, you can continue to earn more delicious PTz while
we fix your account.

If you've received an invite link which always takes you to the homepage (asks
you to enter just email and combination) then it's likely that you've received
a broken invitiation. Don't worry though, as receiving a new one is easy.

Simply ask the person who invited you to press the 'RESEND' button under your
email address on the invite page and you should receive a new invitation soon
after. If you're unsure of who sent you your invite, feel free to ask a friend
to invite an alternative email address which you use.

We're aware that there is an issue with some users being unable to change their
email addresses in their account settings. We're working hard to resolve this
and you should be able to change your email in your account settings once this
is resolved.

If you need your email changed now, please send a NEW email to
support@lockerz.com with the subject "Request To Change Email"

Our Z-List has been growing so fast that our t-shirt supply can't keep up. If
you recently achieved Z-List status, we must ask you to wait until January to
receive your t-shirt. Please ensure that all of your contact details are
correct in your account settings. If you became a Z-Lister in November then
it's possible that your shirt has either been shipped or is on backorder. Don't
worry, you will get your shirt in coming weeks.

We will be having a restock for all of our members this month, so hopefully
you'll be able to redeem the prize you've been wanting then.

If you've e-mailed us about a second order receipt or an order problem
recently, chances are, we have seen it and we are investigating each case
individually. If you only email us once over 5 days ago, please send a NEW
email to support@lockerz.com with the subject "No Second Receipt".

If you've sent us an email contending the cancellation of your order and
received a reply saying we're investigating, then there is no need to reply as
your account and order will be reviewed. If you have not received an email
reply when contending an order, please send a NEW email to support@lockerz.com
with the subject "Cancelled Order Review"

If you've contacted us confessing to cheating, we would like to thank you for
your integrity. If you only sent us the one email over 5 days ago, it's
possible that we have missed it, please send a NEW email to support@lockerz.com
with the subject "Cheating Confession". If you have emailed since, then we have
seen it and will contact you in regards to it in the future.

Thanks for being part of the Lockerz community. Keep visiting Lockerz to earn
PTZ and learn about exciting new things that will be happening at Lockerz very
soon. We truly appreciate your continued patience as we work on making your
Lockerz experience an amazing one!

-Serious Guy

Lockerz Support
Pittsburgh, PA
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29.12.2009 14:52
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